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Volkswagen is Reducing NOx Emissions by 80%

Reducing NOx Emissions

Volkswagen engineers and designers wanted to figure out a way to get all the advantages of the diesel engine without having any of the downsides. The great news is that they've found a way to reduce NOx emissions by 80%.
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Why do Floridians Love Volkswagen Vehicles?

Why VW is a Great Brand for Floridians

Floridians are buying up Volkswagen models faster than many other brands. Could it be the 4Motion all-wheel drive? Is it the piano paint that looks so brilliant in the Florida sun? Or is it just because these vehicles are fun to drive?

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Volkswagen Considers the Environment with Battery Recycling

Volksagen Will Begin Recycling EV Batteries

Volkswagen has announced a plan to handle the large number of Lithium-ion batteries that they will begin installing in their vehicles over the next few decades. In light of Volkswagen's plan to manufacture over a million electric automobiles by 2025, the collateral issues have to be addressed. What will happen to all these batteries when they reach the end of their functional lifespans? Volkswagen has come up with a few ideas that are worth noting. Let's consider these ideas in greater depth below.

When Should I Change the Battery in my VW?

Battery Change

One of the Most Important Components in Your Vehicle?

The battery is one of the most important components of a Volkswagen vehicle, but it is one that is often overlooked. You need a battery with a charge to get your vehicle started, and you can easily find yourself stranded somewhere if you don't switch it out when it's near the end of its life.

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How to Change Your Driving Mode in Your VW ?

Changing Your Driving Mode

Many automotive enthusiasts like using a manual transmission, but automatic vehicles have their benefits as well. With a better performance from an automatic, it doesn’t always make sense to invest in a manual. If you still want the option of driving manual once in a while, you may want to look into buying a Volkswagen vehicle. Volkswagen offers a number of different driving modes can help you customize the type of driving experience.

The Safest Volkswagen Vehicles For 2019

Safest VW Vehicle For 2019

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Highway Loss Data Institute, the Volkswagen Golf GTI 4-door hatchback, Tiguan 4-door SUV and Jetta 4-door sedan are most likely the safest models available in the 2019 lineup. The system used by the IIHS HLDI rates different aspects of vehicle crashworthiness as either good, acceptable marginal or poor.

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